Flash Mob Idea

London Eye at night.  Queue of people, each with a camera with flash.  Fill (or have representatives in) each pod.  As first pod nears the end of the loop countdown and take near-simultaneous pictures.  Next pod up sees flashes, counts to three and then does the same.  So on to next pod, around to the beginning.  Repeats when next pod nears the end.  Continue for as long as queue lasts.  Those outside will see a mexican wave of crackling flash bulbs, like a catherine wheel.  Those inside the pods will view from close quarters.


Indicators of a day working too much

More than two meals that don’t require cutlery, especially if eaten whilst standing or walking. 

A  mobile phone taken from its charger and yet dying before the day ends.

Only clothes worn: suit and pyjamas.

Thinking that an event this morning happened yesterday.

Every hot drink that day being made for you by someone else. 

No music (whilst stationary). 

Planning the day around wifi hotspots.