Staying at a hotel in Central London last night, I popped down to the bar after 11pm for some hydration, and found there a group of young people, who I recognised from Youtube and the London free paper zeitgeist as being the “Britain’s Got Talent” winners “Diversity”.

They were there in matching bright yellow zip-up hoodies and quite clearly “in uniform” and it struck me as kind of bizarre that they were doing that.  They weren’t drinking particularly, not that I could see anyway, and obviously some of them are too young. I wondered why they were in a public place that late, and so obviously in costume so that people could see who they were.  People were chatting with them.  When one woman was chatting with a couple of them, and asked to have her photo taken with them, before her husband could take the photo, the others, seeing what was happening, got up and posed too, full of smiles – real ones.  It was actually very nice.

And it occurred to me that they were there, just enjoying being famous.  Not in a smug or arrogant way, but just enjoying the positive recognition, and being very nice back.  not the way I had imagined showbiz “celebs” would be.  Maybe it won’t last, but it was actually really sweet.  It made me think about that transition into fame, and what that must be like, in a way I hadn’t thought before.  And now you are too.  Which is what I was trying to achieve.

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