What has Twitter/Facebook Ever Done for Me?

Startlingly much, actually.

I have met a whole heap of people who I first encountered online, for example people at the same conference as me who, like me, were tweeting about various events.  I’ve also met friends of friends I’d be unlikely to have otherwise.

I have been invited to interval drinks by an orchestra to thank me for tweets about their performances.

And once after tweeting about a trip to Liberty to buy a tie only to find they were “between collections” I got an invitation from Liberty’s COO (whose wife is a Facebook friend – though I didn’t know she was related to Liberty) to come in, meet up, and get a tie.

And a recent tweet by me asking for recommendations for entry level Jazz CDs for someone with an interest in classical music brought forth a range of really good suggestions, including some from unexpected people.


2 thoughts on “What has Twitter/Facebook Ever Done for Me?

  1. J,

    What is your view about the number of followers/friends one needs in order to start ‘taking advantage’ of the hive mind?

    Also, would be interested to see a list of the Jazz CDs.


  2. The list of CDs is my latest post, thanks for prompting it. As to the hive mind, well I guess it depends on the obscurity of the question, and whether it’s one that people will enjoy answering!

    The list that I got came from 350 Twitter followers, and about 200 facebook friends (in which there is some overlap).

    Predictably the fastest responses came from Twitter (I posted the original question, got responses, and ordered two CDs from Amazon in the walk from Kings Place to St Pancras!) but then later responses came from Facebook. I think I got broadly the same number from each, so a greater “hive density” from Facebook which isn’t (I think) surprising – Twitter timelines are pretty transient things but I tend to read pretty much everything on the Facebook newsfeed at some point or other and suspect others may be similar. The Twitter contributions were in many cases from people who I wouldn’t particularly have expected to hear from and in at least one case from someone who was tempted out of lurking to respond. There were a couple of people who I expected to hear from and did, and who in a pre social media time would have probably asked next time I saw them, but I guess the extra “hive” value came from the people I wouldn’t have thought to ask.

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