The Question Every PCC Candidate Should Answer

On November 15th something incredibly important happens – as a country we elect Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) for the first time.  These will be people who will have considerable sway over the nature, shape and priorities of policing and crime prevention in our area.  To have such roles subject to election is new.  There is considerable speculation that the level of engagement and turnout will be low.

In a “normal” world the fact that we are doing this new thing might not matter too much, but the next few years are going to be far from normal for the police forces – there is likely to be a c25% cut in police budgets.  As such the elected PCCs will have to make some incredibly difficult decisions.  In choosing the PCC for your area you may well wish to understand how they will approach that task – I certainly want to.

I have emailed the two candidates for election in my area (Hertfordshire) the following question, and I will post responses received here.


Dear {Candidate}
I am considering how to vote in the forthcoming PCC election.  I am a resident of Hertfordshire.  As I see it a fundamental question to ask of any PCC candidate is:
During your tenure as a PCC, you will be required to make decisions relating to a large scale reduction in the budget (some figures suggest 25%).  What are the fundamental principles which will underlie your decisions, please?
I am also writing to {the other candidate} and propose to place both answers received on my blog.
Jonathan Flowers


I would urge interested readers to send something similar to your candidates (you could share the answers here too, if you like).

You can get more information about PCCs here


One thought on “The Question Every PCC Candidate Should Answer

  1. I didn’t get a reply from either of the candidates to whom I sent this email.

    As the election got closer there were four candidates. I voted for the only candidate who came close to addressing this fundamental issues in his short statement.

    He didn’t win.

    As I tweeted today the percentage vote for the successful PCC is much less than the percentage cut they will preside over!

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